excel vba – simple loop

Using Excel VBA to perform tasks using a loop

There are a number of ways of writing loops in Excel VBA, but I like to use the ‘Do Until’ method. The basic structure is shown below:
Do Until 'whatever criteria you set, see below'
'code for the action you want to perform'

The code will repeat the process until the criteria has been met. A simple use would be to go down a list of data until it finds a cell with a certain value. Each time the Loop runs it will select the next cell down using the Offset command, until the selected cell contains ‘ABC’.

Do Until Activecell.Value="ABC"

You could also use a Variable (Counter in this example) so the Loop runs a certain number of times, updating the counter on each loop until it reaches the limit set.

Dim Counter as Integer
Do Until Counter=3
'code for the action you want to perform'

‘Code for the action you want to perform’

Loops can contain code to perform a number of actions when automating reports. You can perform calculations, insert formulas, perform formatting and pretty much anything else you need to do multiple times.

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