Turn Off Screen Updating

Turning off Screen Updating will speed up your macros by running all the steps in the background without the need to refresh your screen during the process. The line of code below should be put at the beginning of your macro.


This is an Excel wide setting so you must remember to turn it on again before your Macro ends, use the same line of code just changing the FALSE to TRUE.

My Simple Loop

There are a number of ways of writing loops but I like the Do Until way of doing things. The basic structure is as follows:
Do Until 'whatever criteria you set, see below'
'code for the action you want'

This will repeat the loop until the criteria has been met. A simple use would be to go down a list of data until it finds a cell with a certain value. Each time the Loop runs it will select the next cell down using the Offset command, until the selected cell contains ‘ABC’.
Do Until Activecell.Value="ABC"

You could also use a counter to run the Loop a set number of times. Each time the Loop runs it will update the Counter Variable until it reaches 3.
Do Until Counter=3
'code for the action you want'